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"Its not about the gift, rather the intention behind it"

We specialize in thoughtfully curating gift items that make it easy for anyone to be great gift giver.

Hi I'm Cacia, the founder of Curio Collective

Over the years, gifting has become something that I realized I had a talent for. I love nothing more than finding the perfect gift for someone I care about. To me it isn't just about buying something- its the intention behind it. I alway take mental notes when they mention things they love or appreciate. This info is so helpful to find just the right thing that will let them know I was paying attention.

Again, it has nothing to do with the actual gift rather the idea that you listened and you cared enough about them to remember.

I realize we can't all be excellent gift givers. As a hard-to-buy-for person myself, I wanted to offer solutions and help to those who struggle. I really enjoy offering suggestions or advice to help ease the stress of picking out just the right thing. Makes my day when I can send a confident customers out the door with the perfect gift in hand.

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