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We offer thoughtful gifts and easy to style pieces to keep things simple yet unconventional.

Our Story

Curio Collective started as an online collection of vetted brands that we found to be unique and special. We love searching for the items that you can't find just anywhere.

With gifting being our owner's love language, she wanted to share that with her customers and give them the confidence to give a great gift that feels thoughtful and personal.

Giving gifts always does more for the giver, but sometimes choosing the right thing to express your love or gratitude can be tricky.

Let us help you find the perfect thing.

Our products are...

Personally Curated
Every item in our store is hand selected based on sourcing, quality, value and usability.  
Ethically Sourced
We believe that everyones time is of value and that they should be fairly compensated for the work performed when creating special pieces for our store. 
Focused on Quality
We pride ourselves on sourcing our goods from smaller vendors whos heart and soul is put into the products they create. We want to see our things in your home for years to come.

Wanting to offer my customers more, I opened a brick and mortar store in 2022 where I could have a more hands on approach to helping our customers.

This also allowed customers the ability to see and feel the quality of our products for themselves.  With the new space I took the opportunity to add more of the things I love-- clothing, plants, and beauty products.

Hi! I'm Cacia, the founder of Curio Collective.

Over the years, gifting has become something that I realized I had a talent for. I love nothing more than finding the perfect gift for someone I care about. To me it isn't just about buying something- its the intention behind it. I alway take mental notes when they mention things they love or appreciate. This info is so helpful to find just the right thing that will let them know I was paying attention.

Again, it has nothing to do with the actual gift rather the idea that you listened and you cared enough about them to remember.

I realize we can't all be excellent gift givers. As a hard-to-buy-for person myself, I wanted to offer solutions and help to those who struggle. I really enjoy offering suggestions or advice to help ease the stress of picking out just the right thing. Makes my day when I can send a confident customers out the door with the perfect gift in hand.

Want a gift suggestion? Send us a message