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Stagg Electric Kettle

The Electric Pour-Over Kettle for Coffee Lovers Meet Stagg EKG, an electric pour-over kettles that pours as good as it looks. The precision pour spout and counterbalanced-handle give you the ultimate control, just like our original stovetop kettle. 


* 1200w Quick Heat Time

* 60 Minute HOLD Option

* Celsius/Fahrenheit Option

* Variable Temperature Control - ranging from 135°F to 212°F

* PID Controller - EKG's PID controlled steadily maintains the perfect temperature as efficiently as possible.

* Goal and Current Temp Display - The LCD screen indicates the heating progress from current temperature to the desired goal.

* Brew Stopwatch - After your water has heated, Stagg EKG's built in Brew Stopwatch can time your brew for the perfect cup of coffee 


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