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Soulshine Ritual Cannabis Candle

Let your soul shine!

Our soul shine cannabis candle was started with the intention to call in positive energies, release stress, purify the environment and raise vibrations. Made with 9 pure essential oils and soy wax, this candle burns clean. The luxurious scent is fresh, woodsy, and comforting.

Housed in a beautiful glass vessel with an air-tight lid it can be up-cycled to store your favorite flower or treasures in. Each oil was chosen for their healing properties and they include: cannabis essential oil to calm, Palo Santos to clear unwanted energies, holy basil to purify the air, cardamom to refresh the mind, cedarwood to slow the breath, ylang ylang to comfort the body, and bergamot to alleviate stress. We also include a few more oils that have deep, rich aromas and are often considered aphrodisiacs, like black pepper and dark patchouli.

6Oz | 40 hour burn
Made in United States

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