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Selenite Round Bowl

Hand-Carved Selenite Bowl 100% Natural Moroccan Selenite "Selenite" is the crystallized form of the soft mineral Gypsum. In antiquity, it was believed selenite waxed and waned with the cycles of the Moon inspiring it's name which stems from the Latin word selenites, meaning "moon stone".

It is often silky and waxy to the touch and contains natural veining and translucency, allowing light to illuminate it's unique features. Selenite is soft, being only a 2 on the Mohs scale, and water soluble so it is important to handle it delicately and keep it away from liquid. These Selenite bowls are great for storing smaller rough or tumbled gemstones, dried botanicals, or any of your favorite trinkets!

Measures at approximately 3"-3.5" diameter and 1"-2" tall. Measurements are average, please allow for slight variations in size. 


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