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Seperated Palm Leaves: Set of 2


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There’s something gorgeous about palm leaves as accent decor and the feel that they bring to any space. They look lovely in a vase by themselves or mixed in arrangements or bouquets, DIY projects and more. Each of our dried stems has a unique shape and texture, gently molded by nature. Nothing complements home décor better. Make sure you grab a set or two of these unique home decor pieces today.


Included: 2 palms

Approximate length: 21" - 23" | Leaf height: 12" - 14" | Leaf width: 10" - 12"

Color: Natural/Dark Green

Made in USA

Please note, as a natural plant. Any imperfections (spots, scratches, holes, rips) on the surface of the leaf are normal and created by nature and during the drying process. Size, shape and color may differ slightly from the pictures and vary between the leaves.

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