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Glazey Satin Hoodie - Blush

Ever lay your head on one of our satin pillowcases and wish you could give yourself the full-body experience? With Glazey, you can! Soft and luxurious, this satin hoodie is perfect for an evening of self-care and R&R.

*Silky, frictionless fabric prevents snagging and protects hair.

*Breathable material is gentle on skin, keeping you fresh-faced and frizz-free.

*Naturally temperature regulating, so you can stay cool and comfy.

*Comes with Two Pockets

*Outer and inner shell: 95% polyester silky satin, 5% spandex

*Machine wash and dry on cold

*One Size fits Most

*Chest width: 35” Body Length: 36” Sleeve Length: 25”


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