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Minimalist Concrete Taper

Hand crafted and poured in a home studio, our tapered candle holders come in 2 different sizes for height variation. Smooth yet textured to the touch, you'll love the way the specks of rock subtly peek through on candle holders.

Its hour glass holders are the perfect shape to add dimension and flare to your dinner party, entry way, and any place in your home that needs a new refresh or refined moment.  Perfect to fill in any space, for dinner parties and entry way tables to had light and height

Due to it's hand-craftsmanship, each candle holder may have slight variances in texture, color, height. They are sanded and sealed.

Fits standard sized tapered candles - candles not included

Dimensions: tall: 3.75"H x 2"W / short: 2.5"H x 2"W

Materials: Concrete 

For cleaning, gently wipe down with damp cloth 

Made in United States


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